Our manufacturing program is: shock absorber components for automotive industry, inner and outer gears, sprockets, wedges for electrical engines, mechanical lock components, spacer-rings, self lubricant bearings, cylindrical bushes, pinions for oil pumps and various sintered parts for automotive industry.
In the production of sintered parts, NAPOSINT offers a wide variety of possibilities for high-precision structural parts with complex geometries and materials.
In the development phase, NAPOSINT can already be your partner to choose the most suitable geometry and material for your application.

It is our objective to develop and produce sintered parts ready for installation using materials and sintering processes tailored to the specific applications. Our specialists help you to implement your project from initial planning to start of production, and of course beyond. NAPOSINT sintered parts can be classified as follows on the basis of the production process used:
> Standard technologies
> Materials based on DIN 30910
> Specific pressing forces required from 60 to 70 kN/cm2 of surface area

New Products

New products
New products