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• Founded in 1994
• Privately Owned
• Is currently certified on ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and IATF 16949:2016 standards.
• One Manufacturing Locations in Rascruci, near to Cluj Napoca, Romania
• Press Tonnages: 4-200 Ton
• Warm compaction capability allowing increased density for improved physical properties
• Over 70 Employees
• More than 70% Automotive Sales

NAPOSINT was founded in 1994. Our objective is producing high-quality metal
powder components.
Our management, with experience in Powder metallurgy, engineering, tool
design, and quality is deeply committed to our employees, customers, and the
Powder Metal (P/M) industry.

Today, our company’s 3000 sq. m. facility, employing 70 people, sits atop of 10
acres of land in the Rascruci, ROMANIA. We believe our growth and success is a direct result of our daily efforts to earn our customer’s trust and business.
We are confident that our technical expertise in part and tool design and materials selection coupled with cost effective manufacturing techniques will clearly demonstrate the merits of P/M and NAPOSINT.


Engineering assistance for robust part designs to improve component integrity

Minimize Cost

Near-net shape designs to minimize or eliminate costly secondary machining operations

Analysis Capability

Value analysis capability to convert high-cost components to P/M (i.e. forged, die-casted, stamped, machined, plastics, etc.)


Material recommendations and formulations to optimize part performance and part design

In-house Design

All tooling is designed in-house

Product Quality

Extensive advanced product quality planning (APQP) system for all new parts.

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Sinter Metal Producer

High-Quality Metal
Powder Components

We believe our growth and success is a direct result of our daily efforts to earn our customer’s trust and business

We Follow Best Practices

Our Engineering staff is working continually to improve processes, develop robust part designs, and implement cost-effective manufacturing solutions for our customers.

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